This is the place!

What is it? This site is essentially storage for posts made at a forum titled "Paul Was Replaced"

The first forum that I personally started with this topic is here.

Other forums that may be of interest:

NIR Guest Board (All topics allow guest/anon posting)

From The Sea of Green (another offshoot of the TKIN/60IF forum)

Revolution 9 Serious stuff there...

Occult Beatles All about the hidden (occult) side of The Beatles Story

Macca Funhouse (fair's fair, the other side of the debate)

PLEASE NOTE: Anyone who is here to "strip mine" my files will have their IP address banned, no questions asked!

Yes, I know leeching when I see it. (Regular contributors to the forum are exempt from this policy)

My files are below, and yes it's seemingly a disorganized mess, but as I said, you really should read the forum to see it all in context.

Some say this is a "Paul is Dead" forum, and as such, we have earned the moniker "PIDers" It's more accurate to say we most firmly believe Paul was replaced, and therefore the only logical reason that follows is because he died, but for us, even that is open to discussion.

Hope you can join us.